Making collecting in yearbook content quick and easy

The great news is there are many online tools freely available to make the whole process of collecting in content for your yearbook quicker and easier than it used to be!

Google Forms

It’s fairly likely your school already uses some form of Google tool, so Google Forms and Sheets will be easily accessible. Send out one form to everyone, and watch the comments flood in to one central spreadsheet. When you’ve gathered everyone’s words, you can copy and paste each comment into Yearbook Hub.

Whether you are the only editor or one of a yearbook team, it’s easy to track changes.


Set up a quick survey super-quick using Typeform’s drag and drop interface. It’s completely free to create your surveys, which will carry the creator’s logo, but that’s a small price to pay for the time and hassle saved. The finished survey looks slick too!

Survey Monkey

Don’t be put off by the more corporate feel to this survey tool. I confess, I prefer Typeform’s interface, but Survey Monkey still does a great job of collecting responses (we use it for many of our own customer surveys).

Collecting in other yearbook content

SPC Yearbooks have an online workspace where you and selected others can drop yearbook content into various folders. The advantage of having an online workspace is that it takes away the hassle of sending content to SPC Yearbooks. If you decide to use the online form and editor’s spreadsheet, you may also want to use our online workspace for montage photos and content for ‘other pages’. If you’re not using an online form as well, there’ll be additional folders set up for you in your online workspace where you can insert staff and student comments/photos. Just ask an SPC Yearbooks account manager to share a relevant master folder with you and you can get going collecting in your content right away.

Learn more about our online solutions to collecting in content by emailing us [email protected] or drop us an online chat.