Social bookmarking – ways to gather yearbook ideas and inspiration online…

Social bookmarking tools are readily available to help gather ideas and keep sites of interest recorded to look back at later. These are great tools for yearbook inspiration as you’re not relying on using the same computer to access bookmarks – you can login to the chosen bookmarking site and access all the websites you saved.

Established social bookmarking sites such as Stumble Upon, Digg, Redditt and Delicious allow you to save website addresses and share these with others. The latest buzz bookmarking site is Pinterest, In a nutshell, this is a virtual pin board where you can create different pin boards (or mood boards) and pin images from websites using a handy button in your browser. As soon as you find inspirational ideas for your yearbook, simply ‘pin it’. You can also search other people’s pin boards for inspirational ideas and ‘re-pin’ things to your own board.

Social bookmarking is great for:

Yearbook Inspiration – any visuals that inspire and excite you. These don’t have to be yearbook related – for example, if you’ve decided to go with a vintage theme and want to find visuals to inspire you when designing your own yearbook, or creating a design brief to have your yearbook professionally designed – look at fashion, homewares, old movie posters, vintage photographs, etc. and bookmark them as inspiration to come back to later.

Yearbook Tools – we can provide you with lots of help, advice and tools needed for various stages of your yearbook project, including collecting content and photos, but if you come across other tools to help you, such as photo tutorials, why not bookmark them?

Happy bookmarking!