Looking for lots of fun yearbook page ideas?

If you’re looking for great page ideas to add fun to your yearbook then you’re at the right place! Rewards pages and photo pages always work well, but there are other fun leavers’ book pages that you can break up your profile pages with too:

1. Guess who? – Collect baby photos of students (and teachers if they are up for it) and create a quiz page where people can guess who each baby is.

2. Profile pages are usually laid out in form groups, but you could make up a page or two celebrating the different friendship groups in your year. Get each person in the group to write a short piece of text about things they’ve done together or a notable mention about each person in the group.

3. Quiz time – come up with a number of questions about things that have happened during your time at school, people in your year, areas of your school campus, etc. You could include the answers at the bottom of the page or at the back of your yearbook.

4. My generation – Recall fashion crazes (such as onesies, leggings, jumpsuits, UGG boots, hair styles, etc.) or gadgets and tech which have been popular during your time at school (such as smartphones, the iPad, 3D TV, Xbox Kinnect etc.) and include retail prices of these things so you can look back in the future and compare. What are the top 5 apps used by your year group? Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds, etc. are probably up there. Include a list or report of major events and news stories that have happened in your yearbook. This could include politics, world events or artists that have broken through this year.

5. Make up a page of gear you take to school such as your uniform (a tie if you have one), diary, mobile phones, music players, fashionable toys (particularly if you’re creating a Primary School yearbook), music, magazines etc. Either put these on a desk and photograph from above, or photograph each object separately and montage them together. This idea also works well on your yearbook front cover.

6. Photos of your school building and the school grounds – you may never get to see inside those walls again! It’s amazing what you forget over time. Take photos of your classrooms and common areas and put some fun into the images by using a gnome (or object of choice) as a tour guide. Place the tour guide somewhere in the photo and add a speech bubble in your page design for commentary!

7. If you have budding writers in your year, ask them to writing a piece about your year and highlight some of the great memories from your time at school. This text could be in the form of a poem, lyrics, or short news report.

8. If you’re creating a Primary school yearbook, you could get the pupils to make hand prints, finger prints or foot prints. People can look back and see how much they’ve grown over the years.

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