Looking for more fun yearbook page ideas?


It goes without saying that whatever you put in your yearbook will be fun to look back at in years to come, from photos showing hairstyles that were “oh so fashionable” in your school days, to the messages from your peers.

However, why not make it that bit different and even more memorable than the usual stuff that everyone else has? Here are a few fun yearbook page ideas to get you thinking and on the way to a unique school yearbook…

Idea 1 – Unique yearbook signature pages

It’s always fun having pages for your friends to sign and leave messages of good luck in your yearbook, but why not go one step further and have everyone’s fingerprints to make up a picture? Shown on this example is a fingerprint tree. This is a fun way to get everyone involved in making a unique piece of school artwork/memorabilia and could be used as well as, or in place of regular yearbook signature pages. It could even be used for the cover artwork of your yearbook!

Idea 2 – Guess Who

We see quite a few ‘Guess who’ baby pages at SPC Yearbooks, for both students and teachers. These are great quiz additions to yearbooks and will get everyone talking. Another similar fun page idea could be a teachers and staff ‘guess who’ yearbook page, where your teachers/staff provide an item or photo giving a clue to their identity and students have to guess which teacher or member of staff it is.

Ideas 3 – Class of / Time Capsule yearbook page

The time capsule page is a place to include all the things you would collect together to remind you of what was popular when you were at school, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • What were the fashion trends?
  • What music was in the charts?
  • Which films were released?
  • Top gadget releases
  • Which computer games were popular?
  • What was trending on Twitter?
  • Who were the most popular celebs?
  • How much popular items cost (i.e. can of soft drink or your favourite chocolate bar)

You could also do a list of the worst of the above, noting anything that was a complete flop!

Other similar yearbook page ideas could be ‘Our Favourite Things’, ‘Class of 2008 – 2013’, or ‘You know you’re a 90’s child if…’ where you could include all of the things you loved during your time at school, for example, music, films, tv shows, gadgets, food & drink, social network, You Tube videos, magazines, sports, celebs, events, hobbies and shops. You could also have a charts list of the top 10 songs in the film and music charts when you graduated or throughout your last year at school.

Ideas 4 – Lookalikes Page

Is there anyone in your year / any teachers who resemble someone famous? If so a ‘Celebrity Lookalikes’ yearbook page is a fun way to show this – be sure not to infringe copyright though!

Idea 5 – Teacher Quotes

This is a yearbook page where teachers can leave a message for your year group, it could be something amusing, a favourite memory or something inspirational. The page itself could be designed so it looks like the comments are written on a blackboard/whiteboard or every comment could be in a different font and colour giving the page a stylized feel and don’t forget to include a photo of the teacher.

For yet more fun page ideas and yearbook design ideas click here!



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