What’s the difference between leavers books and leavers’ autograph books?

School leavers’ year gifts are a lovely touch and they help students look back on plenty of amazing memories. You’ve probably noticed there are quite a few leavers’ products to choose from, but sometimes the differences are not all that clear.

This is our cue to swoop in and clear up any confusion. This week we’re looking at leavers’ books and leavers’ autograph books – what’s the difference? How can each of them be used? We’re going to set this straight, and even give you some ideas for each one along the way.

What’s the difference between leavers’ books and autograph books?

  • Leavers’ books explained (with page ideas)
  • Leavers’ autograph books

Leavers’ books explained

Also known as yearbooks (or year books), leavers’ books are excellent for recording those great times you had at school. I would use the word ‘unforgettable’ when describing these memories, but let’s face it even if you ate all the blueberries in the world you’re not going to remember every moment years down the track.

Leavers’ books and yearbooks traditionally consist of the following pages:

  • Message from the Headteacher
  • Tutor/teacher messages
  • Student profile pages (including a photo per student, a quotes / message)
  • Photo montage pages (of trips, events, prom or even just everyone’s photos gathered together)

There are so many more pages you can create, we love encouraging schools to add some other fun pages to their leavers’ books such as:

Every leavers’ book tells a unique story. It’s the perfect keepsake for any student to remember their friends, teachers and all the great experiences they had along the journey.

Leavers’ autograph books

Sometimes called signature books, autograph books differ a little from leavers’ books and yearbooks – you could say part of the clue is in the name! These leavers’ gifts usually consist of blank pages for students to write in their own messages to each other, but with a unique cover design just for your school.

If you decide not to include signature pages in your leavers’ book (or yearbook), an autograph book is great for messages from friends, from teachers, doodles, signatures and anything else you can stretch your imagination to.

Low-maintenence inside pages mean you can really go to town on the cover design. Often schools like to match the cover to their leavers’ book, but of course you don’t have to do this. There are loads and loads of design and theme ideas you can use!

I really hope this post has helped clarify the difference between leavers’ books and leavers’ autograph books. If you have a question mark dangling over anything covered above, or about anything related to school leavers products get in touch with us using the comments box below, or on Twitter @SPCYearbooks.