Inappropriate yearbook content – where’s the line?

Wondering where to draw the line on explicit or inappropriate yearbook content? This could be in the form of photos, student comments, confessions or awards. At SPC Yearbooks we have few restrictions on what you can include in your yearbook. Racist comments or inappropriate comments regarding a fellow student or teacher will be refused and won’t be printed.

We see a yearbook as a positive memento of your time in education. It is a reminder of all of the great times you have had with your friends, but imagine showing it to your family or revisiting your yearbook in years to come only to see that you were ‘Most likely to… end up on the sex offender’s register’, ‘Most likely to… end up in jail’ or ‘Most likely to… become a Porn star’. It may seem funny now, but take our word for it – it’ll be rather embarrassing in a few years time and may tarnish those happy memories as a student.

Check that people in the photos you intend to submit are happy to be included. Think carefully about the implications of using, for example, drunken photos or anything that could cause embarrassment to that person or hurt their feelings.

Every yearbook proof must be signed off by a teacher before it goes to production, ensuring that all content is approved. With SPC you can be confident that security is one of our priorities. We will highlight anything we see as inappropriate so that the yearbook advisor/teacher can moderate it. Also remember that your yearbook represents your school. Other families will see it’s contents – inappropriate content in your yearbook could prevent leavers’ having the opportunity to create a yearbook in the future.

Unsure whether something in your yearbook is appropriate or not? Give us a call on 01480 410435 or email us.

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