How to Organise Your Yearbook Team

Congratulations! You’ve got a sterling team of yearbook volunteers ready to get their hands dirty creating a fantastic school yearbook. Now you need to know how to orgainise them and what ‘roles’ you can dish out. Getting responsibilities pinned down early on will save a lot of time and energy later on, so it’s definitely worth setting out a plan of action.

Here’s a list of yearbook team roles to help you.

  • Yearbook Advisors
  • Editors
  • Staff
  • Photographers
  • Viewers

1. Yearbook Advisors

Yearbook Advisors are the head honchos of your yearbook team, they call the shots, make decisions, delegate and generally drive the project along. As you’re the one reading this post, you’ve taken the initiative to research how to manage a yearbook project, so maybe you should be an Advisor yourself!

Advisors should have the power to manage users of a yearbook project, take a peek at progress and be able to look over the yearbook design at any point.

2. Yearbook Editors

Editors are the gatekeepers of the yearbook, they take direction from the Yearbook Advisors and organise the yearbook’s page structure. Once the team have agreed the order of the pages, an Editor should then brief the Staff members to start editing.

As suggested by the title, Editors should also be allowed to edit things! Checking and amending text, editing images, tweaking designs are all part and parcel of having this role.

3. Yearbook Staff

Staff get the fun job of making the yearbook plan a reality! Designing page for the yearbook section they’ve been assigned, populating with photos and text fall into the remit of a staff member.

For those who prefer ‘prettifying’ to organising, a Staff role is perfect. Yearbook Staff tend to be more creative, aware of what looks good and how to achieve a consistent top notch yearbook design.

4. Photographers

Happy snappers should definitely jump on this yearbook role. Yearbook photographers have their finger on the shutter trigger, capturing all of those great memories before they go rushing by. When it comes to collating the photos, it’s a Photographer’s to get them categorised and make them available for the Yearbook Staff to drop into the design.