How To Launch a Yearbook Awards Poll

Unless you’ve been living under an upturned cardboard box in the Amazon for the past year, you’ll know what I’m referring to when I say voting has been a big thing of late. Aside from the turbulant world of politics, yearbook awards polls are a fun way of rewarding others for their talents, habits and ‘quirks’.

Yearbook awards are, let’s say, a staple section of a yearbook. If you’ve missed our awards ideas posts we’re quite upset, only joking – take a look at our ‘Yearbook Ideas – Awards Pages‘ post.

All awards need to be judged somehow. Adopting an online poll, or survey will help you throw the voting open to your year group and get everyone involved.

If you want to gather a quick answer to a single question, then a poll is the best method. They sit nicely pinned at the top of a Facebook page, or Twitter feed. For longer, deeper questioning, opt for a survey. Surveys are usually sent out via email, but can still be posted on social media to get people casting their vote.

Free Online Poll and Survey Tools

Google Forms

Believe it or not you’ve got a survey tool right under your nose (if you have a Google account). All you need is a Google Form and a spreadsheet and you’re away!

Survey Monkey

Here at SPC Yearbooks HQ we use Survey Monkey to get feedback on how we’re doing. After a brief sign-up you create your survey questions, share your survey via email, or social and watch the feedback fly into the analysis page.

This tool is aimed at businesses, but don’t be scared, it’s still pretty easy to use.


Typeform is probably my favourite, simply due to the way it looks. I know that sounds very shallow, but as a designer-type bod, I like things to look nice! I used Typeform to judge the Yearbook Awards and it was brilliant.

There are tons of ready-made question structures to edit, or start a completely new survey from scratch.

Poll Maker

If you’re looking for speed, Poll Maker allows you to make a poll from the homepage of the site! Type in your question and answers, hit ‘Create Free Poll’ and you’re good to get sharing.

Questions? What questions?

Now you’ve got an idea of how to get set up, you’re going to want to think about what to ask. Here are some yearbook awards poll and survey ideas to get you going:

  • Who is the best dressed?
  • Who has the best smile?
  • Who are the best couple?
  • Who has the best car?
  • Who has the best bum?
  • Who’s got the best singing voice?
  • Who has the best sense of humour?
  • Who does the best celebrity impression?
  • Who is most likely to inspire Taylor Swift to write a breakup song about them?
  • Who is most likely to become a Justin Bieber tribute act?
  • Who is most likely to appear on Dragons Den?
  • Who’s the most likely to be an extra in Hollyoaks?

It would make our day to know how you’re getting on with your yearbook awards voting. Drop us a tweet @SPCYearbooks or comment below 🙂