How To Create an Interactive Yearbook Cover

You may have stumbled across our previous post about creating yearbook pages to colour in. We really do love this idea, so how about applying the same level of interactivity to your yearbook cover?

Creating a yearbook cover to colour in gets everyone to put their own mark on their yearbook. What a fun activity for the last day of school!

Mindfulness and stress-relief is of ever-growing importance among adults and teenagers and the continual offering of colouring, dot-to-dot and craft magazines shows what a creative bunch we are!

How to create a yearbook cover to colour in

Invite your students to create the design themselves! Ask each year group member to contribute a drawing, for example, that relates to a school memory, a part of your uniform, the school, a film or book, a self-portrait, or a teacher and put these together to create your cover design.

Artwork should be on white paper with the drawing being outlined in a medium black pen. Scan in each drawing and create one file that’s sized A3 with bleed (426mm wide x 297mm tall). Ask for matt lamination on your cover, to avoid more pen on your hands, than the yearbook cover!

Remember to design some lettering for your yearbook title too. Alternatively you could design the title in colour and have the rest of the design available to colour in.

Let students colour their own yearbook cover

Colouring is a collaborative excercise (perfect for yearbooks, we’d say). Students can share pens, trade colours, and ask their friends to colour in different sections of their yearbook cover. Allow a bit of class time for a colouring in session. It’s a great way to allow those who haven’t had chance to sign a yearbook, to get involved in a different way.

Choose permanent markers (such as Sharpies) to colour in the covers and give them time to dry before taking them home.

Even if your year group are somehow anti-colouring (we very much doubt this), a hand-drawn cover is very personal and looks fantastic (even in black and white)!