Helpful tips for yearbook signing

Wipe away those tears – yes it’s the end of an era, but at least you have a yearbook to help you remember these precious years for the rest of your life. Besides it’s not totally over yet, you still need to get people to sign your yearbook! Here are a few helpful yearbook signing tips to keep in mind on the day:

  • Use a decent pen as there’s nothing worse than a yearbook message or signature you can’t read! Opt for a reasonable size felt tip (not a permanent marker, as this may bleed through the page), this will make your message stand out from the others too 😉
  • If you don’t know the person very well to the point where you’re not sure how to spell their name, keep it brief, such as ‘It was great to meet you, have a great summer and good luck in the future’. You could start it with a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey’ greeting if that’s the going format of other yearbook messages.
  • No witty comments, quotes or memorable moments popping into your head? Have a fail-safe yearbook message up your sleeve. It would be a good idea to think up a couple of generic messages the night before your yearbook signing day!
  • Keep it clean and grown-up. You’ll regret messages containing swear words, profanities and put-downs, plus these will reflect very badly on you in the future and you never know when your paths may cross again. Also remember your teachers see your yearbook messages, so keep a mature head when planning what to write.
  • If words aren’t your strong point draw a picture instead. Cute little doodles, caricatures, stylish graffiti (leave room for other people though), etc. are a great alternative. Try not to make drawings too elaborate though, the yearbook owner will need time for other people to sign their yearbook too!

Do you have any yearbook signing tips to share? Post them on Twitter @SPCYearbooks and we’ll share the best ones.