Yearbook Theme Ideas – Festival Fever

Summer is here, exams are in full swing and the festival season is upon us with Glastonbury kicking off tomorrow (wellies at the ready). If you’re seeking yearbook theme inspiration to create your own leavers’ book then why not use ‘festivals’ as your yearbook theme? We have a few ideas and suggestions to get you started. We also want to hear your ideas – have you had a light bulb moment and wish to share it with other yearbook committees around the globe? Drop us a comment, Tweet @SPCYearbooks, or visit our Facebook page and leave us a message.

A major part of any music festival is equipment such as instruments, amps, speakers, microphones and lights – use these objects on pages of your yearbook to get the festival atmosphere rolling. Use silhouettes or illustrations of different instruments as part of your background or as clipart to liven up each page.

Set your own stage for your yearbook by naming each stage or tent differently for each class and have students’ names listed as the line-up.

Take photos of grass and fields to use as page backgrounds, bringing an outdoor feeling to your festival theme. Alternatively, use images or iconic buildings near to your school (or even the school’s buildings) and build a funky horizon graphic with a sunset behind them. You can then use this at the bottom of each page of your yearbook.

Research items associated with festivals, for example tickets – each students’ profile could be a festival pass or ticket. Don’t forget your signature tent in which to collect friends’ messages and autographs!

Festivals are colourful and energetic places, so try to reflect this in your yearbook too by incorporating bright colours – we recommend picking up to three colours to use throughout the book. Couple these colours with silhouettes or illustrations of people dancing and having fun – these silhouettes can be used as part of a page border or placed at the sides of photo frames on montage pages.

Your festival theme doesn’t have to be purely music-based – you could use a film festival theme instead. Take a look at our previous post suggesting film-related theme ideas. For further festival design ideas and inspiration browse the major festival websites and music magazines, note down what type of artwork is used as a starting point for your very own yearbook-fest theme!

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