How does the Yearbook Ladder work?

From your Yearbook Hub homepage, click the ‘Yearbook’ link at the top to be taken to your Yearbook Ladder. This shows you a list of your yearbook sections (on the left) and a thumbnail preview of your yearbook pages (on the right). Click on ‘New Section’ to add a section to your yearbook. 

You can drag sections up and down to reorder them. You may receive a warning if any of your sections contain odd numbers of pages, as moving these sections may cause spreads to break: this means that a right-hand page will become a left-hand page and vice versa, which could mean that content won’t be where you want it to be. Call or email your Yearbook Specialist if you need advice about reordering your sections. 
If you want to add or remove pages from a section, click on the Settings icon next to the section name. You can increase or decrease the number of pages in your section. If you decrease the number of pages, the extra pages will be deleted forever, so make sure that this is what you want! If you want to rearrange pages, click Settings/Arrange. If you want to split your section into smaller sections, click on Settings/Split.

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