How do I create school prom tickets and event posters?

With exams looming, what better way to celebrate your end of year than with a school prom or college ball? So, who is going to know about this great event without posters advertising it, and professional tickets for all attending guests?

Here are steps on how to achieve your perfect leavers’ prom tickets using our easy online designer app

  • Go to and create an account. Once signed in, click ‘Create Prom Tickets‘ on the left hand side on the ‘Home’ page.
  • Once you’ve read through the information, click ‘Start creating prom tickets now!‘ at the top of the page.
  • Here you’ll see previews of each pre-designed prom ticket (hover over each one to see an enlarged version). There’s also a blank ticket at the end if you would prefer to create your own unique design from scratch.
  • As you move your mouse over the artwork in the editor, you’ll see highlighted boxes for each of the editable text fields. Click once on a text field to add your school name, price, etc. and once you’re happy with your prom ticket, hit ‘Save & Exit’ (the central button in the top right corner) to save your ticket in your ‘Projects’.
  • When you’re ready to order your prom tickets, go to ‘Projects’ in the top navigation and click on your prom ticket project to open the editor. Click the trolley icon in the top right corner of the editor to begin the order process.
  • Enter the quantity of prom tickets you require, enter an ‘Authorisation Code‘ if you have one and hit ‘Checkout’. The ‘Authorisation Code’ will be provided by your account manager and allows you to zero the cart and submit your order.
  • Add the address details of where you would like your prom tickets to be sent.
  • Check over the ‘Order Confirmation‘ details, this is your last to chance to enter an ‘Authorisation Code’. When you’re happy to proceed, hit ‘Proceed to Payment’.
  • You will then see a page that your order has been submitted.

What should I do next?

Please let SPC Yearbooks know that you’ve sent through an order by contacting [email protected] or call 01480 410435. Also let a member of staff know if you would like your prom tickets to be numbered.

Need to advertise your school prom or event?

You can use the online Yearbook Designer Live! site to create marketing posters – on the ‘Home’ page, simply select ‘Yearbook Posters’ on the left-hand side. Use the blank poster to create your design from scratch for any event.