Create Your Own Yearbook – Top 5 Design Ideas

As we start to receive completed yearbook designs ready for delivery over the summer, we thought we’d share some of the inspiring design ideas we’ve seen from other schools who are designing their own yearbook.

  • Photo montage pages – use a fridge door image as your page and have magnets holding your photos in place. This could be particularly effective if you are including trips pages and have any magnets representing the places you visited.
  • Use magnetic lettering for yearbook montage page titles – either scan the letters yourself, or make up the titles on a white piece of paper and photograph them from directly above.
  • Another idea for quirky yearbook title lettering is to use board game lettering – again either arrange these on a scanner, or arrange them on a white piece of paper and photograph them from above.
  • Looking for an alternative to using silhouettes for missing pupils? How about using fruit and vegetable images instead? Or for a more formal design, use your school logo.
  • If you’ve managed to keep track of the numbers, how about having a statistics page:
    How many couples in year 7?
    How many couples in year 11?
    How many went on school trips?
    How many school discos were there?
    How many Duke of Edinburgh gold awards?
    How many trips on the school bus?
    How many supply teachers?

Remember to bookmark your favourite ideas for later.