How to choose that all important yearbook photo!

So, you’ve been working hard on your Yearbook, and you’re pretty sure that you and the yearbook committee have created the perfect memento to remember those awesome school years by.

There’s still a pretty significant part of the yearbook to be finished however, the yearbook photos! When you have over 400 pics of yourself on Instagram, and double that on Facebook, not to mention those on your phone you just never got around to uploading, how on earth do you choose that perfect photo for your yearbook? You know, the one that certain someone you fancied for a whole term in year nine will remember you by…

The way we see it is, you have two main options: A, you take a new picture; or B, you choose one from the abundance of photos that exist of you on social media. Sure, you can always use the professional photos your school took of you on photo day, but that wouldn’t make for a very fun blog post would it?

Option A: Taking a brand new picture.

This is a brilliant option, right? I mean, you get to take a picture exclusively for your yearbook, you get to decide what you’re wearing, how to do your hair, you can ensure that its taken from the perfect angle. Why even contemplate Option B?

But wait, how do you take the picture? Do you ask your friend to take it for you? Or do you go for the selfie?

Well, you know you can take a great selfie, you’ve had enough practice at it! And your smartphone allows you to choose from so many filters, there is no way you can look bad. But then again, will a ‘selfie’ even be a thing in five years time? Sure they’re popular now, but will we get bored of them? And what if no one else goes for a selfie? What if they’ve already had their mate take a brilliant picture of them? Are selfies even professional enough? Do you really want the picture to be taken that close to your face? What does your selfie actually say about you?

Okay, so maybe a selfie comes with too many issues. How about asking a friend to take a picture for you? You still get all the benefits of a selfie, but none of the possible downsides, right? People will always take pictures of each other, there’s no worries that it’ll go out of fashion! Surely loads of people will go for this option, you’re not going to look like the odd one out are you? Plus they look smart, no need for a close up of your face when they can be taken from an appropriate distance and you can get a second opinion on your outfit and hairstyle before you get snapping. Sorted!

Although, having said that… how many photos might you have to take before you find the perfect one? It’s not a problem with selfies, you can just snap away, but if youre asking a friend to help out, you don’t want to waste too much of their time, do you? You’d probably have to make a night of it, order a takeaway, watch some netflix, and get snapping. But do you really want to waste money on a take away? And you’ve already watched all the good shows on netflix. Plus, what were you thinking? One night isn’t nearly long enough, this would take a weekend. Would your parents be okay with that? You and your friend spending an entire saturday ensuring you both have the perfect photo for your yearbook? You were supposed to be seeing your cousin this weekend, and it’s that family friend’s wedding next week… Will you even have the time?

It’s looking more and more like Option A is not going to work out, it’s just too stressful. But not to worry theres always Option B!

Option B: Choose a pre-existing picture.

Yeah, this is easier. It’s not like you’re going to struggle to find one, is it. You’ve been socially networking most of your life, your friends love to take photos at every opportunity. No problem, we’ve found the solution for you.

But where to start? Instagram? It is literally all photos, so there’s sure to be loads you can choose from. Plus they’ve already got filters, you know you look great in all of them, problem solved!

Actually, half of these have your ex in them? and the others were mainly showing off all those new t-shirts you bought. Is that really the impression you want to give people? There is that one that got over one hundred likes I guess, but wait… duck face. Why did that craze even happen? So that plan is ruined. On to Facebook!

Facebook, you’ve used it to orchestrate your social life for years. Pictures from all major events are on there, and you must look great in at least some of them! This has got to be the answer. We recommend that you start with profile pictures, a photo has to be pretty special to become one of those right? You look great in that one from last month’s social? But then you don’t really want Jenny from maths twerking in the background. In fact, are there even any pictures on there just of you? You’re such a social person, you seem to be with a group of friends in all of them! And that won’t do, you want your profile picture to be just you, without someone’s head half cropped out of it! Can you believe, out of all your profile pics, and hundreds of photo’s you’ve been tagged in, there isn’t even one you deem suitable!

So how about option C?

Option C: The one with the serious suggestions.

So whilst this option sounds a bit like a rubbish attempt at writing the title for a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode, it is actually the one we believe in most.

There are most probably hundreds of pictures of you in existance, and you have the capability of taking a brand new one. So have a check on Facebook, or ask a friend to come over one evening and take a couple pics of you. They’re both great options!

Remember to relax, and smile. You look great! The yearbook photo is actually an opportunity to have a lot of fun, and it’s something to look back on in a few years time and wonder what on earth you were thinking doing your hair like that! So either find or take a photo you are happy with, and send it off to be included in your yearbook.

And take it from people who have been there and done this. Your friends are far more likely to remember that time you made them laugh so hard in maths they were asked to leave the room, or when you scored the goal that won your school that tournament in year 8, than they are to remember the cute top you wore for your yearbook photo!

But still, doesn’t hurt to make sure you look perfect, does it?

For more information on how to incorporate yearbook photos into your school Yearbook, or to request a free sample pack so you can get started, please click here!