Budget For Your Yearbook Project and Save Money

Pizza. Or yearbook.

Pizza, or yearbook?

You don’t want to force people to make this decision. If they’re having a hard time choosing which one to buy, you’ve done something wrong. A pizza is tasty for a day. A yearbook holds memories for life.

Your year should be eager to pay out for your yearbook; it should represent the best possible value you can get for the cost. It should look great. And, as for the cost, it needs to be affordable – if it costs the Earth, your friends won’t want to pay for it at all.

The secret to making your yearbook more attractive than pizza is budgeting. Before you even start your yearbook project, you need to set a budget.


First things first: figure out how much the average student is willing to pay. You could do a survey using social media or Straw Poll, but be careful – some people may choose the lowest-priced option just to try to drive the price down. Make it clear to everybody that a higher budget will mean a fancier yearbook.

You can also look at last year’s yearbook pricing to help steer yours. How much was it? Did it sell well? If not, your yearbooks probably need to be cheaper.

Finally, look at alternative sources of income. You don’t have to fund your yearbook project by yearbook sales alone; you could, for example, run a yearbook fundraiser.

Rainy Day Fund

Save some money as a rainy day fund

Your budget will always need to be higher than you think. There’s a universal law of the universe that if something can go wrong, it probably will.

The camera you wanted to use for your project could break. Your yearbook team might need motivational pizza to get the work done (however, always bear in mind the cardinal rule – yearbooks are more important than pizza!).

Once you have an idea of how much the student body will pay for their yearbook, hike that price up by a couple of pounds to cover those inevitable additional costs. In the event that nothing goes wrong, you can put the additional cash towards your prom or any school events! (Or pizza. Just saying.)

Essential Details

Next, you need to think about the bare basics. How many students could you be ordering for? If you don’t want to rely on guesswork here, ask people to RSVP for a copy of the yearbook so you have a definite figure ahead of time.

You want your order to be as large as possible, as larger quantity yearbook orders qualify for cheaper pricing, so get the word out there about your yearbook project as soon as possible.

You also need to consider binding. There’s a few ways to bind a yearbook, and it’s all down to personal preference. You can drive the price per book down by changing your binding type, but bear in mind that the yearbook is forever, so you don’t want to compromise too much; you want a solid binding that will look great for years to come.

Finally, do a rough calculation to figure out your yearbook’s page count. Will every student want an individual page in the yearbook? Could you fit two, four, or even eight students to a page to cut down on cost? How many extra pages will you need for photos, messages from teachers, and anything else you might want to include?

If you want to find out in real time how binding type, yearbook quantity, and page count will affect your budget, you can use our pricing calculator to help you stay on top of your pricing; just remember to return to this page afterwards for the next step.

Now that we’ve set a rough budget for our project, how do we use it to make our reasonably priced yearbook more attractive than a round, baked, cheesy Italian treat?

Awesome Yearbook Design

Yearbook Hub

Nowadays, thanks to the magic of the Internet, awesome yearbook designs can be made on a shoestring budget. The solution is to design it yourself using the online editor Yearbook Hub.

It’s super easy to lay out your designs, regardless of how many students you want to include per page. By cutting out the middleman and utilising your yearbook team to create the yearbook design, you save on paying a designer to do it for you, which makes the overall cost much cheaper.

And, in the end, you get the yearbook that you and your year really want – not what the designer thinks you want.

Still Confused?

If you want some help figuring out the cost of your yearbook project, or if you just want to get started, you can always contact a member of our team using the chat box in the bottom right of this page – we’re always happy to help.

I’m off to get a pizza.

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