Autograph books for school leavers

Imagine looking back at your school autograph book and seeing a signature from the equivalent of Andy Murray, Daniel Radcliffe or Ed Sheeran – that would be something really special wouldn’t it? Last week’s blog post gave some great ideas for signing your yearbooks.

Adding signature pages into your yearbook is very popular and keeps all of your special school memories together, but school autograph books are also a great addition if you want to keep your yearbook scribble-free. There’s still plenty of time to put an school autograph book together yourself, or ask us to design one for you.

Personalise the cover with your school name, leavers year, class/year photo, etc. You may wish to give your autograph book a different title, such as:

  • School Friends
  • Book of special messages/signatures
  • The Leavers’ Autograph Book
  • Class of… (perhaps to match your yearbook if this is separate)
  • My School Autograph Book

Other details to consider:

Forget boring plain white pages (unless that’s what you’d prefer), make your autograph book as exciting and personal as you wish! If you don’t already have a design theme in mind, there are loads of ready-made page designs and fun scrapbook elements to use in our ‘create your own’ software and online app.

Click here for more information on leavers’ books and autograph books. If you have any questions about creating or even planning your school autograph book, give us a call on 01480 410432, or message us on Twitter @SPCYearbooks