“Roll up, roll up” Advertising your yearbook

You’re organising a fantastic school yearbook, everyone is going to be featured, the design is going to be amazing and everyone in your yearbook committee is putting in 110% to get it ready to hand out on results day. So how do you tell the rest of your school, families and friends about this fantastic yearbook?

Yearbook marketing and advertising! Make sure you spread the word about your yearbook, create a buzz and build excitement to maximise your yearbook sales.

Here are our top tips and some yearbook marketing and advertising examples:

  • Show actual pages from your yearbook – give people a taste for what they will be buying. You could set up a stand or display board showing a few spreads of your yearbook. Get in on school events and have your sign-up forms ready for people to reserve their copy!
  • Put up posters and spread the word at every opportunity – keep your yearbook in people’s minds, continue your advertising until all of your yearbooks have been sold!
  • Make your marketing campaign fun and memorable – clever straplines, funny images, teaser trailers, all help make your campaign go viral and ultimately reach more people.
  • Use different marketing channels – make a video about your yearbook and upload it to YouTube and Vine, send the link around for people to share. Set up a Facebook page, hashtag trend #<schoolname>yearbook2014. Send Snapchats of the yearbook’s progress.
  • Ask if you can put up soundbites of yearbook news on the school website or blog, so that parents and families can see it.
  • If your budget allows, use an early bird offer to get people on-board, offer a percentage discount if they sign up before a certain date.

If you’ve formed a yearbook committee, task a couple of members with sales roles and give them an incentive to get as many yearbooks sold as they can. It’s never too early to advertise – the sooner you let people know that your yearbook will be on offer, the better!