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Nick White

Our founder, Nick, has been helping schools create publications that celebrate achievement and save time for over twenty years.

SPC Yearbooks is a division of The School Planner Company, the award-winning creator of totally customised student planners for thousands of schools. We understand that planners are most effective if they exactly reflect the nature and values of each school and its community. Having seen formal and uninspiring yearbooks start to appear in the UK, we realised that yearbooks needed our creative approach too.

Why did we start making yearbooks?

Way back in 2001, our talented design team recognised that yearbooks were a bit on the boring side and could be improved with fun and engaging design.

About SPC yearbook design born
Design you own yearbooks

Giving schools the tools to create yearbooks

We launched a range of fully customised yearbooks, full of new content ideas and great design. In 2007, we launched our first yearbook software, allowing schools to use all our design templates and content at a much lower cost.

Making online collaboration simple

Our new online platform, Yearbook Hub, makes it easier than ever for you and your team to work together to create the perfect yearbook quickly and easily.

Yearbook Hub

SPC Yearbooks will continue to evolve and find new ways to create a lasting memento of your unique time at school. If you have any ideas or observations, we’re always happy to listen!