5 Yearbook Page Ideas Schools Wish They Thought Of

Every leavers’ yearbook is truly unique to each school, and the more thought you put into your pages the more memorable it’ll be! Here are 5 page ideas plucked from the arms of the yearbook makers themselves.

List of school staff for yearbook

1. Staff Shout-Out

You’ve got your headteacher, head of year and tutors’ comments nailed. What about the other school staff who have been there by your side through the years? Make a list of all staff (past and present) who deserve a mention and dedicate a yearbook page just for them. This list should reach beyond teachers – how about a shout-out to canteen staff, janitors, Reception staff, IT, Finance, Teaching Assistants, Lab Technicians and anyone else who has helped with your yearbook project.

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Remember when yearbook page

2. Remember when…

We’re not short of memorable news stories and events these days (the good, and the not so good). You’ll be surprised how quickly the dates, months and years start to blur into one big mass of “when I was at school”. Single out the most prominent moments and list them in your yearbook.

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In 5 years time

3. Future Plans

Also known as ‘In 5 years’ time…’ and ‘When I grow up’. My personal view is that this page idea should become essential in every yearbook and leavers’ book, I love it! Ask everyone what their future career, travel, relationship and general life goal aspirations are. See how many they’ve ticked off when you have your 10 year school reunion.

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student bloopers yearbook idea

4. Student Bloopers

The outtakes of your year group that always bring a smile to your face. We all get caught saying something silly at least once in our lives. If you remember a classic LOL comment by one of your students, friends, or classmates record it forever in your yearbook.

Best friends leavers book

5. Best friends

They’ve been there through the highs and the lows. You’ve been inseparable and can always count on each other as the voice of honesty… best friends are awesome! Make a photo montage of all best friends and friendship groups in your year.

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