5 top yearbook ideas to get you started…

1. Who should work on what?

Are you struggling to decide who works on each yearbook page? List out the pages you want to include and go thorough them one by one, allocating them as you go. If you still can’t decide, you can always draw names out of a hat – it’s one way to solve the dilemma!

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate

If you have lots of people in your yearbook committee, or have multiple people sharing tasks, consider setting up a generic yearbook email address (you could use gmail account for example) for only yearbook-related correspondence and only allow yearbook Advisers to access it.

3. Hit social sites for updates

Take your yearbook committee online – use a social network such as Facebook or Twitter to keep up-to-date with committee communication and yearbook progress. Create a Facebook Group and only invite people you want involved to join! Visit www.facebook.com/groups to find out more.

4. Get seriously design inspired

If you’re creating your own design in Yearbook Hub, but struggling for design ideas and inspiration, try making a mood board. Take magazine cuttings and collect anything that catches your eye i.e. scraps of material, papers, etc. and put these on your mood board to show to other committee members. Get lost for hours on Pinterest, there are many many many book design ideas to get your inspired. Create your own boards to save pins to. We’ve also posted loads of yearbook theme ideas here on the blog.

5. Drum up extra buzz

Run a ‘win a free yearbook’ contest – advertise that everyone who orders a yearbook will automatically be entered to win their copy for free and draw the name of the lucky winner later in the year.