3 Tips to Make Your Last Day at School Memorable

Blue skies and soaring summer temperatures must mean that it’s time to wave goodbye to those school gates. I remember that bittersweet feeling, excitement to move onto the next chapter of your life.

Its sad to leave behind all of the memories built over the days, months and years. It’s some consolation at least that you have a fantastic leavers yearbook bursting with photos, to take away with you.

Read on for vital last day tips to help you remember the final eight hours of school life.

1. Keep snapping and selfie-ing

From the moment you board the bus, make sure you get lots of photos of your friends / bus buddies during your last journey. Maybe take some tissues for any early morning tears, smudged mascara and eyeliner is never a good look.

We’re all blinkered when it comes to moving through the same spaces everyday – today is the day to capture those spaces. Our memories can only contain so much, so you can’t expect you’ll remember what your classrooms, common rooms and canteens look like. Help your memory along with a few photos of these areas. It’ll help prompt you in recalling the great times you had there.

Friends, friends, friends. Whether you have a large or a small circle of friends, these are the last few hours you’ll spend together in the same place you met and made all of those memories together, experiencing the same things. You know what to do.

2. Collect Messages (like a Pokemon Go pro!)

You’ve got your crisp, shiny yearbooks ready to begin collecting messages! Have your messages and signatures pages at the ready, and ask as many of your year group as you can to write something (even just to write their name).

You don’t have to stop at signatures in your yearbook – collect as many signatures on your school shirt as you can squeeze on!

3. Have an awesome day!

Take part in as many organised activities as you can. Share memories and swap contact details. Make plans with your closest friends for the summer break. Thank your teachers for their help and hard work. Most of all enjoy your last day at school, and remember to take all of your belongings with you when you leave the building!

Best of luck for the future, from the whole team here at SPC Yearbooks 🙂